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    Mutual Agreement Divorce In India

    It is said that relationships are made in heaven, but sometimes sacred relationships do not work long on earth. Today, divorce is taken very lightly, and people go there as a first resort, when the intention behind the divorce law was to make it a last resort. Often, in a marriage, spouses do not love each other and can no longer live happily together. Then they decide by mutual agreement to divorce. Section 14 provides that no application for divorce may be made within one year of the marriage, provided that the Court, on a petition made to it in accordance with the rules adopted by the High Court on that behalf, makes an application [before the end of one year] on the grounds that it is an exceptional hardness for the petitioner or an exceptional misreadability of the applicant. , however, if the Court of Justice is at the hearing of the motion, the petitioner has been given the opportunity to present the petition by misrepresenting the nature of the case, the Court of Justice, if it adopts a decree, may do so on the condition that the decree comes into force only after [the expiry of one year] from the day of the marriage , or to dismiss the claim without prejudice of an application which, at the end of the aforementioned year, can assert on the same fact or, for the most part, the same facts as those in support of the petition thus rejected. After the first application is adopted, the parties have a total of 18 months to make a second application and, if they do not do so within 18 months, it is consensual that both parties have revoked their consent. Can a party withdraw the petition on mutual consent after it has been filed in court? What`s going to happen? As we know, there are different acts for the registration of marriage, so does divorce as well, the law has different provisions depending on the marriage certificates that are: However, often these efforts do not work and people actually by divorce. After the first request, when the parties are supplied with waiting times, they may sometimes decide to change their minds. Not all divorces are irreparable and some may still have some leeway for reconciliation, and the parties may choose to revoke their consent and give their marriage a second chance.

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